Eco4 Free Grants Explained Benefits

of switching to renewable energy technologies

    Unlock the benefits of eco-friendly living with our Eco4 Free

    Grants program.

    Stay ahead of upcoming regulations and enhance your property's value and sustainability.

    What Sets Us Apart

    Stay compliant with upcoming regulations: By 2025, all rental

    properties in England

    and Wales must have an EPC rating of C or above, impacting

    new tenancies

    initially and all tenancies by 2028.

    Landlords Take Note

    Ensure compliance: Upgrade your property to meet standards

    by 2025 for new lets

    and by 2028 for existing let properties. Capitalise on available

    government grants

    now to cover surveying and work costs. Act now to

    more funds for property improvements.

    Benefits of Renewable Energy

    1. Reduce Energy Bills: Harness renewable energy sources to

      slash energy costs,

      making your property more appealing to renters and

      boosting its capital value.

    2. Environmentally Friendly: Cut down on greenhouse gas

      emissions, enhancing air

      quality and combating fuel poverty.

    3. Infinite Resource: Enjoy uninterrupted access to renewable

      energy sources like wind, sun, and water, ensuring long-term


    4. Generate Income: Participate in government schemes

      such as the Renewable Heat

      Incentive, earning payments for clean energy production.

    5. Future-Proof Your Home: Shield yourself from rising

      energy prices with

      energy systems that have a lifespan exceeding 25 years.

    6. Increase Property Value: Boost your property's worth

      by installing renewable energy systems and improving

      its energy performance.

    How to Get Started

    Visit our website for more information and to submit your

    enquiry: Eco4 Free Grants

    Understanding ECO4

    The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) includes the Home

    Heating Cost Reduction

    Obligation (HHCRO) scheme, aimed at reducing fuel

    poverty and carbon emissions. Eligible measures include

    Electric Storage Heaters, insulation, and boiler repair or


    Eligibility Criteria Benefit Recipients: Qualify for

    funding if you

    receive certain benefits or support a vulnerable family

    member who does.

    • Not Receiving Benefits?: Explore options like LA FLEX or
    • LADS for financial
    • assistance without upfront costs.

    Upgrade your property sustainably and economically

    with Eco4 Free Grants.

    The rules and regulations

  • “However, after a consultation in December 2020, the government announced new standards for England and Wales, to become law by 2025.
  • From this date, all rental properties will need an EPC rating of C or above. As before, these new regulations will apply to new tenancies first, followed by all tenancies from 2028.

    What this means for landlords

  • You need to get your property up to standard by 2025 for all new lets and you need to get your property up to standard by 2028 for all existing let properties, so taking into consideration that your property needs to be surveyed and then works carried out there has been no better time but now as the money is available in the way of a government grant which does not need to be paid back, you are better off applying now before the rush. This means that more monies can be allocated to you for works on your property.

It’s an infinite resource

Benefit from the eternal wellspring of renewable energy sources. With wind, sun, and water always at our disposal, harnessing electricity from these clean sources supports Earth's resources without fear of depletion.

Generate an income

Capitalise on government incentives like the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). By transitioning to a heating system powered by eligible renewable energy sources, earn payments for the clean, green energy your system generates.

Future proof your home

Safeguard against escalating energy expenses by generating your own renewable energy. With regular maintenance, renewable energy technology can endure over 25 years, surpassing the lifespan of conventional boilers (typically 10-15 years).

Increase property value

Installing renewable energy systems in your home can help increase its value. You may also be able to recoup a significant amount of the cost of installing renewable technologies on sale by improving your homes energy performance and gaining energy independence.

Please visit https://wwww.help2rent.co.uk/funding with you Enquiry

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) encompasses the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO), known as the ‘Affordable Warmth’ scheme. ECO4, a government-backed initiative in Great Britain, targets fuel poverty and carbon emissions reduction. Under ECO, major gas and electricity suppliers such as British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Ovo, Scottish Power, and SSE are mandated to assist households with energy efficiency measures including Electric Storage Heaters, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, and boiler replacement or repair. Funding is provided to help eligible individuals reduce heating costs by installing energy-efficient measures such as Storage Heaters, Loft, Floor, Cavity, and IWI Internal Wall Insulation.

How It Works

Medium and larger energy suppliers under ECO fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in British households. Each supplier has an overall target based on its share of the domestic energy market in Britain. They collaborate with installers to introduce specific efficiency measures such as loft, floor, or wall insulation, or heating measures.

The Obligation Explained

The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) mandates energy suppliers to promote measures leading to financial savings on energy bills, including insulation and heating installations.


You are eligible for ECO if you own your own home and reside in it, or are in private rented accommodation. However, the grant is available only if you support a vulnerable family receiving some form of benefits.

Receiving Benefits?

If you receive any of the listed benefits, you qualify for HHCRO funding under ECO4.

NB: The benefit recipient can be anyone living in the house as the end-user. If you do not receive any of the listed benefits, you may qualify under LA FLEX (Local Authority Flex) or LADS (Local Authority Delivery Scheme). We offer various finance packages, including 0% interest options with no upfront costs.

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