At Help2Rent, we are committed to transforming the housing allocation process. Based in London, we specialise in innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and accessibility. Learn more about our mission and structure below.

Who We Are:
Help2Rent is a distinguished Community Interest Company headquartered in London. Our primary objective is to revolutionise the housing allocation process through innovative solutions. We are dedicated to efficiency, leveraging modern technology to achieve our goals effectively.

Our Structure:
Help2Rent comprises four distinct entities:

Help2Rent Limited:
Company Registration: 11173488
FCA Number: 12002691
CF1 Director
Help2Rent Property Management Limited:
Company Registration: 13802212
Company Registration: 12554305
Help2Finance Limited:
Company Registration: 12343198
Help2Insure Limited:
Company Registration: 12002691

In addition to these entities,
Help2Rent Housing Solutions operates as a Community Interest Company (CIC),
exclusively dedicated to serving the community.
Registration Number: 13259005

Discover how Help2Rent is reshaping the housing landscape in London with our innovative approach and commitment to community service. Join us in making a positive impact today.

Help2Rent Property Management is responsible for sourcing and locating properties for vulnerable tenants. We collaborate closely with council and housing association partners, leveraging our extensive dataset of tenants seeking affordable accommodation across the UK and Wales.

Help2Support is dedicated to providing tenant-focused solutions, offering a range of support services. From supported living accommodations to resettlement packages nationwide, we prioritise tenant welfare. Our organisation works directly with councils and Universal Credit to address any issues that tenants may encounter.

Help2Finance is a specially designed company that offers products tailored to the needs of vulnerable clients. We not only operate within the current market but also collaborate with ethical funding partners to develop solutions that support vulnerable consumers. Our expertise lies in creating products that cater to the specific needs of our clientele.

For Landlord

There is a constant demand for more properties, coupled with the provision of incentive payments, tenancy sustainability measures, and rent and legal protection.

In order to assist you further we offer a triage service to help and support landlords, this is to intervine and commence discussion with Universal Credit, the tenant and the councils.

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For Tenants

Tenancy Sustainability

We are here to help and support tenants with any issues that they may be facing with universal credit. At Help2Rent, our dedicated team is here to provide tenants with the assistance and support they need to navigate any challenges they may encounter. Whether you're experiencing difficulties with rent arrears or facing issues related to Universal Credit, we're here to help.

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Are you an council Officer?

Want to speak to someone about the rent and legal protection for your tenants

We provide rent and legal protection services that can complement your existing incentive schemes, providing additional support and safeguarding for landlords and agents.

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