Who We Are ? A Little About Help2Rent

We are a Community Interest Company based in London

We design and create unique solutions to simplify the housing allocation process

We believe in working smarter, not harder - enabled by the use of modern technology

Help2Rent is a colbration up of 4 seperate companies

Help2Rent Limited - Company Registration 11173488 - Head Office
  • FCA Number 12002691
  • CF1 Director
  • Help2Rent Property Management LImited - Company Registration 13802212 
  • Help2Support Limited - Company Registration 12554305
  • Help2Finance LImited - Company Registration 12343198
  • Help2Insure Limited - Company Registration 12002691
  • Help2Rent Housing Solutions - Company is a CIC meaning it is a community intreast company tha tonly services the community

A little about each company and how they service the community

Help2Rent Limited - CF1 Director Under FCA
Help2Rent Limited runs and operates the rent and legal protection policy which has been underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance, we created this policy back in 2017 and launched in 2018, this policy is unique as it has been specially developed for those tenants that are on universal credit. Help2Rent oversea the operation of all of the Help2Rent branded companies.

Help2Rent Property Management
Help2Rent property management sources and located properties to vulnerable tenants, we work alongside all of our council and HA partners, we have a dataset of tenants that are seeking affordable accomadation across the UK and Wales.

Help2Support is a tenant focused orginasation and offers more support related solutions, we offer supported living accomadation through to resettlement packages anywhere in the UK. This is a very tenant focused Company and works directly with councils and Universal credit to assist in resolving any issues that may arise

Help2Finance is a specailly designed company that works and offers products not only within the current market but we work ethical funding partners to offer solutions to the consumer that is will to support vulnerable clients, we specialise in developing products for the consumers

Help2Insure is our insurance arm of the company and we support in the creation of any new products that may be required for council and housing association partners

Help2Rent Housing Solutions
Help2Rent Housing Solution is our CIC (COmmunity INtreast Company) and we instruct donations from all of the Help2 Companies, this money is then inturn returned back to the community in the way os food banks, staffing etc we are seeking to reintroduct yoth centres within the community giveing the younger generation the opportunity to get off the street where they will be vulnerable and in to a safe and secure enviroment, in these location we wish to give these younger children the much needed support and addittional educational skills and work placements etc

We believe by supporting the younger generation we can all have a safe enviroment and give these disadvantaged children the much need hope and give them something to look forward and brighter future