Who We Are


Help2Rent is a pioneering force in the realm of housing solutions dedicated to reshaping the landscape of community living in the United Kingdom. As the premier local authority-funded social and private housing provider, we take pride in our mission to address the urgent need for accessible and affordable housing across the country. We are a Social & Private Housing Provider who have the interests of both our Landlords & Tenants at heart. We differ from Letting Agencies as we are not Commission or Profit driven. Our service comes at no charge to you as we are funded by our clients. We are working in partnership with over 173 Councils, Charities, Housing Associations and Supported Living Providers, to help house their Tenants that are in Temporary & Emergency Accommodation. Due to the UK Housing Shortage, we have an urgent need of properties like yours, and finding Tenants is not a problem. We aim to find you suitable Tenants that will want to make your property a home. Each one of our Tenants is Vetted to ensure they are eligible for Help2Rents bespoke Rent & Legal Protection Insurance which is underwritten by A Rated Insurers RSA & Arc Legal Assistance.

Our Team