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Expert Tenant Matching Services

Elevate Your Property Management with Expert Tenant Matching Services. At Help2Rent, we offer expert tenant matching services designed to streamline the rental process.


Expert Long Term Leasing for blocks

We offer invaluable expertise and support for landlords seeking to optimise the management of their blocks. By leveraging professional guidance, tailored solutions, and proactive management.


Fully Transparent Service Offered To All Suppliers

We pride ourselves on offering fully transparent services to all our suppliers, ensuring fair treatment, enhanced collaboration, and mutual success


Supporting Vulnerable Client Groups

Facilitating Rental Housing for Vulnerable Client Groups In the intricate web of modern society, securing a place to call home is a fundamental human need


Tenant Find - Self Service

You have the power to take control of your tenant search and find the ideal tenant for your property, all on your terms. You have the freedom to manage your tenant search independently

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Are you a landlord?

Are you inheriting a property, relocating abroad or investing in buy-to-let for the first time? Whatever your route to becoming a landlord, we can take the stresses and strains out of the process

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For Sellers

Experienced Agents?

Are you successfully managing a property portfolio but would like to free up some time? We can allocate tenants to one or all of your properties, ensuring that you have the right tenants who come with rent guarantee security.

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Supporting Landlords & Agents

Enhanced Support for Landlords & Agents: Help2Rent's Comprehensive Security Solutions

We offer Legal protection to ensure that you are not affected should a tenant fail to pay their rent and you require mediation services or an eviction. We always encourage that you use the mediation services as most evictions can be avoided by trying to find a resolution. Our Legal protection is underwritten by ARC Legal who are known insurers in the UK.

Discover our expert Mediation Service, designed to shield landlords from the impact of tenant rent arrears and potential eviction hassles. We strongly advocate for utilising mediation services as a proactive approach to resolving disputes, averting the need for disruptive eviction processes. Backed by ARC Legal, a renowned name in UK insurance, our Mediation Service provides landlords with robust protection and peace of mind. Help2Rent and ArcLegal are committed to fostering tenancy sustainability, working in tandem to ensure seamless claims processing and proactive engagement with local authority discretionary housing teams and Universal Credit. By proactively establishing alternative payment arrangements, we reduce the risk of tenancy arrears, empowering landlords with the confidence to navigate rental challenges effectively. Trust Help2Rent and ArcLegal to safeguard your interests and uphold tenancy sustainability for a brighter rental future.

We collaborate closely with Universal Credit (UC) and local authority partners to facilitate the direct transfer of the rent component of Universal Credit to landlords or their appointed managing agents. Trust us to streamline the process, guaranteeing timely and hassle-free rent payments for landlords, promoting financial stability and peace of mind.

Yes, Help2Rent Limited adheres to FCA regulations and is listed on the FCA register under registration number 986637. Verify our compliance on the FCA register through the provided link: Trust in our commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency.

For direct assistance, feel free to reach us by phone at 0203 978 6222. Our team is ready to provide prompt support and address any queries you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us for personalised assistance.

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Benefit from our Rent Guarantee coverage, ensuring protection against rent arrears by tenants or guarantors under a Tenancy Agreement. We provide coverage for rent owed up to the maximum amount payable, subject to the terms of the policy, when the insured event occurs and is reported during the insurance period. In the event of rent arrears, provided you are actively pursuing a claim against the tenant for eviction, our coverage applies, with a maximum monthly rent limit of £2500 as per the terms of the tenancy agreement, for up to 12 months. Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive Rent Guarantee protection.

Supporting Landlords & Agents

The Help2Rent Security we Offer To Support You Further

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