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Notifying landlords that tenants are claiming Universal Credit

If you’re a social landlord and your tenant has made a claim to Universal Credit, you’ll be notified by one of the following:

     a UC179 form – notification to social landlord of a claim to Universal Credit

     a UC182 form – verification of housing costs, this is issued to a social landlord if a tenant claims Universal Credit but fails to produce sufficient evidence to         verify their housing costs

the Universal Credit Landlord Portal (if you have access) – verification request if a tenant claims Universal Credit

As part of the housing costs verification process, a form is sent to the claimant’s social rented sector landlord asking for housing cost details. This is also the notification that a claim has been made.

This is in line with the Social Security (Information Sharing in Relation to Welfare Services Amendment) Regulations 2015 that will enable the sharing of limited relevant information with social landlords.

The supply of information and its appropriate use is governed by requirements of the Data Protection Act. Social landlords will have an obligation only to use the information supplied by DWP for its specific intended purposes.

DWP does not have legislation to allow us to inform private landlords that their tenant has made a claim to Universal Credit.