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First Universal Credit payment

First Universal Credit payment

Universal Credit is assessed monthly and paid monthly in arrears. The first payment will usually be received 1 month and 7 days after they submit their claim.

 A tenant’s Housing Benefit payment will normally stop when their Universal Credit claim is received. The landlord doesn’t need to tell the local authority that the tenant

is moving to Universal Credit.

 If a tenant received Housing Benefit up to the date they applied for Universal Credit, their Housing Benefit will continue for the first 2 weeks for their new Universal Credit claim.

 This payment will be paid automatically and is not recoverable. If the tenant has moved home, the local authority who paid Housing Benefit will make the payment to the claimant.

If a tenant lives in temporary accommodation, because the local authority placed them there because they were homeless, or they live in Specified (Supported) Housing, they will still need to claim Housing Benefit for help with their housing costs.