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The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) initiative for Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is primarily based on the obligation set out in Principle 6 requiring a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its clients and treat them


The six core consumer outcomes of TCF are embedded throughout the FCA’s Handbook, these outcomes explain what the FCA want TCF to achieve for consumers.

? PRINCIPLE 1: “Consumers can be confident they are dealing with firms where TCF is central to the corporate culture.”

? PRINCIPLE 2: “Products and services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified consumer groups and targeted accordingly.”

? PRINCIPLE 3: “Consumers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.”

? PRINCIPLE 4: “Where consumers receive advice, the advice is suitable and takes account of their circumstances.”

? PRINCIPLE 5: “Consumers are provided with products that perform as firms have led them to expect and the associated service is both of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect.”

? PRINCIPLE 6: “Consumers do not face unreasonable post-sale barriers imposed by firms to change product, switch provider, submit a claim or make a complaint.”


Help2Rent Limited (H2R) will act with integrity in everything that we do for our customers.


The Directors and Management of H2R are committed to ensuring that all the principles of TCF are applied in all areas of our day-to-day business activities.

In adopting the TCF principles we recognise that fair treatment of our customers is about adding value to the service we offer by aiming to:

? Protect the interests of our customers at each stage of the product life cycle, from promotion right through to after sales service,

? Meet as best we can the unique needs of each customer by offering a transparent, efficient, and professional service, and constantly reviewing our service to identify areas for improvement.


? Customers will be provided with clear information and kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.

? Our level of service and product performance will meet the expectations of our customers as far as reasonably possible.

? We will ensure that there is no barrier for customers to express their requests, concerns, or complaints, and will always be responsive to them.

? Products and services will be designed to meet the needs of customers. To ensure that we adhere to our principles, H2R undergoes regular reviews conducted by Nice 1 Limited who

are responsible to the FCA for our behavior.

H2R V:R1-01112021



All of H2R’s financial promotions and marketing literature are reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate for the target audience and are presented in a clear, fair and not misleading manner.

Sales & Advice

Although H2R doesn’t provide advice on its online product portal, we ensure that staff have thorough training on all products, understand who they are and aren’t suitable for, and are encouraged to challenge

product providers where they spot inconsistencies, ambiguities or potential unfairness in the product literature or product features.

Post-Sale Information & Support

H2R strives to keep its clients informed at all times. Appropriate records are provided as required and on an ongoing basis. We have appropriate capacity and processing arrangements in place to ensure continuous

support and no post-sale barriers.

Policies & Procedures

H2R has, via Nice 1 Limited, a number of policies and procedures that are relevant to the fair treatment of customers and also achieve adherence to FCA requirements, these are (this not an exhaustive list):

? Conflicts of Interest Policy

? Data Protection Policy

? Training and Competence Policy

? Complaint Handling Procedures

? Financial Promotions Procedures

Management Information (MI)

H2R reviews MI in order to assess its performance against TCF principles. This MI is collated from its insurers and its own data.

This MI includes an assessment of H2R’s performance in areas such as dealing with Complaints, Cancellations and Training and Competence.

This data is collated in order to assist the business in making informed decisions in the best interests of our customers.

Awareness & Training

H2R ensures that all staff are familiar with the fundamental principles of TCF and are kept up to date with relevant training in relation to competence, data protection and other matters directly affecting the quality of

service offered to customers.

H2R undertakes regular monitoring and assessment of our staff so that we can be certain of their competence,

including maintaining training logs.


H2R provides excellent customer service, and we deal with customer complaints fairly and objectively and if possible, attempt to put things right as quickly and as efficiently as we can in accordance with the rules laid

down by the FCA.

All complaints are recorded and monitored to identify trends and means by which we can improve our service further.


At H2R, our relationship with our customers is of paramount importance. We combine our knowledge and expertise with that of Nice 1 Limited to ensure we deliver total peace of mind and excellent service.

We recognise that our staff are critical to delivering a positive experience and ensure our customers are treated fairly. Our staff are fully trained and embrace our culture and values of delivering exceptional

customer support and service designed to treat customers as fairly as possible.

H2R’s culture has been strongly influenced by the FCA’s TCF initiative and we frequently review our policies, procedures, and practices with Nice 1 Limited to ensure that TCF remains a crucial part of our business.


"VERIFIED TENANT""My name is Jamail. I am a single living dad of two beautiful children, and I am a teacher who hit a rocky road in life to the point I needed property and pretty quickly as well before it started affecting my job. It took me seven days in total to secure a property; it was hard graft, but I wanted to find somewhere I could call home and somewhere which was long-lasting that I loved instead of just taking what was given to me and hating the house every day I wake up. I was continually searching for a property day and night. I came up against snotty landlords to really nice ones and some houses that were too small and some that were too big etc. it was draining. But with the help from the help2rent team, it all seemed possible, and I'm not just saying that to blow their trumpet I really generally am grateful for all the work they/she done to get me into a property honestly the council wasn't as efficient as help2Rent, and I don't know what I would have done without them. It meant everything to be on this project especially mentally because I hit a point where I was going to give up it was so challenging and the anxiety caused was high but with the help2Rent team they kept that at bay and gave me hope to keep fighting for what I deserve as a working dad of two. I think this project will help thousands, and this project needs recognition from every board possible because it saved my life literally, so again, I thank you so so much for all the work and continuous empathetic help. I hope you can be assistance to many more. Jamail"

Jamil S

Successful Council Tenant

"VERIFIED TENANT""My name is Emma Catherine; I'm 44 single-parent. Physically disabled. Help2srent help has been amazing. I'm a single parent who has a physical disability. I was placed on the outskirts of London for over eight months in Temporary Accommodation. I had no hope of returning to my home area. I had registered with HELP2RENT and checking their site for suitable accommodation. London Landlords have no time for Tennant's on any form of DWP I had spoken to many, and without a job or a 75,000 guarantee, I had no hope in PRIVATE RENTED SECTOR. HELP2RENT answered my prays. One Sunday morning, sending me an email about a two-bed flat in the area I needed to be near family. Help2rent helped me and my family endlessly for nearly three weeks negotiating with Landlords Breaking down the barriers and supporting me threw the turmoil of disappointment and giving me hope to keep trying and not to take rejection personally.... I'm relocated in South London in a property that suits my need. And feel 100 percent supported in my new tenancy. All thanks to HELP2RENT... Thanks again Emma Catherine"

Emma Catherine

Successful Council Tenant

"VERIFIED TENANT"Dear Help2Rent My mother and I were leaving in a hostel desperate and hopeless that our situation will not change anytime soon. We were receiving calls from the council about flats that were not entitled to us. They will call us numerous times to view a place and will call us back that the flat was gone, we exhausted. Also, our documents and all the paperwork were incorrect or incomplete, but no one thought about telling us. We will try to contact our social worker, but we will hear nothing. When we found Help2rent , they helped us get our paperwork in order, and we’re with us every step of the way. We went from months of endless waiting to get a beautiful flat in two weeks. It was not easy, but the team were patient and happy to help us through everything. We will always be grateful for help2rent and all their hard work. Thank you very much Sara

Asuncion & Sara

Successful Mother & Daughter

Help2Rent took away all the worry of letting our property out of our hands.We moved from England to the continent and left Help2Rent to arrange house clearance, electrical work, boiler maintenance, decorating and cleaning. All this was expediently done to a high standard. Work was inspected by Help2Rent and if it did not come up to scratch they chased up the company concerned until they were satisfied. Every e-mail was answered promptly and I was kept informed at every stage. Within days Help2Rent had found excellent tenants for a monthly rent that had exceeded my expectations. Help2Rent are simply the best!

EZ Let Properties

Mr G Harris

I have been in the property rental business for over twenty five years.I have been using Help2Rent Lettings agency for just over a year now and in that time have started to transfer across a lot of my portfolio.I have many managing agencies around the UK and keep a performance league table based on many factors. In the short time I have been using Help2Rent catapulted into first in my league table of over 15 agencies. They are resourceful, polite, efficient and hardworking and in my opinion they have the best staff

Can Do Properties

Mr H Dennis

“Help2Rent was an incredibly easy platform to use to find tenants for my flat in Shepherd’s Bush. It was free to use and helps the community which is always the best bit, efficient and simple to manage, all good things for my frenetic life! I would highly recommend it…”

Handy Man Services

Working for the community at cost effecitive rates

Help2Rent is a great Social Letting Agency and stands on the side of the Tennant not the landlord which is uncommon, Any issues we had, They got in touch with the landlord promptly and dealt with the issue. They helped us all through the Letting of the flat while we lived in it and made sure we had another tenant was ready to move in. Really going to miss them. 

Mr S Shannon

Thanking Help2Rent

Council Partners